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It was in 2016 when I came across a video on how to make wigs. After the first try I thought it was easy so I kept on practicing. Since then I started making wigs for myself at my leisure time. Then I started receiving compliments whenever I wore them. Five years later I felt a much stronger drive for making wigs despite being a mother and a student with a full time job. That was when I realized this is for me, because no matter how tired I was, I found myself constantly sewing wigs by hand. One day I thought "maybe I can turn this into a business". Today , what seemed to be a hobby has become my happy place; as I love what I do. 

I take my time and construct every unit with attention to detail, as I strive to deliver my best craft according to every customer's needs and requests. Units can be worn glueless and are ready to wear. Wigs are constructed and colored from scratch. The goal is to make every customer of mine feel beautiful and confident without breaking the bank. 

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